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Since 1975, we have been known as a luxury jewelry company. Our jewelry is the highest quality without compromise. And the average price starts at $4,000 per jewel … until 2018 ..

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Quality jewelry collection for an affordable price! Fine jewelry – diamonds, gold, rings, necklaces, earrings .. Starting from $1900  Suitable for marriage proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, holiday gifts, etc.

16 Karat gold for a Sweet 16 birthday

A sweet 16 can be a special occasion celebrating a young person’s 16th birthday nearly all over the universe, but commonly in the United states of america and Canada A sweet sixteen is certainly very similar to a wedding, this unique event could very well be more classy, everyday, or partially-formal.
Sweet 16s can possibly span from minor occasions in the household with close friends to larger coordinating combined with a paid Disk jockey, makeup, hairstyling, extravagant garments and evening dresses, and lodge ballrooms. Even in the event that it is a little reception, the main goal involved with the special event is to rejoice the lady now “fully developed” and simply going into a distinctive level of their personal life. Quite often this is in fact the incredibly last great birthday occasion a teenager would be likely to enjoy. Though it is common that Sweet 16s are mainly recognized for young females, they can potentially be renowned for males also.